This is me, same year before and after my steroid medication increase when my condition doesn’t improve. I look like laughing Buddha now. Although I become more cute, the positive thing about the medication is my eyelash grow long and curly. Mummy say no need to put fake eyelashes like her.

Hi everyone, I'm Leann

I was diagnosed with Linear Scleroderma when I was 7 years old. It started with my arm where I suddenly feel pain. I voiced out to mummy and grandma, immediately mummy draw an outline of my affected area and fixed an appointment with the doctor.

Scleroderma is a rare autoimmune rheumatic disease, which the skin and connective tissues tighten and harden. It is not contagious, infectious, cancerous or malignant.

There are different types of Scleroderma:
(Morphea & Linear) It involves hardening of the skinmuscle, and joints, but does not normally affect the internal organs. In children, the growth of involved limbs may be affected.

(Limited & Diffuse) It involves hardening of the skinmusclejoints, gastrointestinal tract (stomach and bowels), lungskidneysheart, and other internal organs.
For more information the disease you can read up here.

Mummy created this blog to take down my journey on treating scleroderma and creating awareness. When she find out about this disease, there is no support group in our country, doctors and scientist are still researching on this disease and the way to treat. It scares her. When she told me about this blog and things I may face in the cyber world, I told her is ok. I told her I wanted to use my condition to inspire people who have to the same condition as me. I‘m also afraid about my condition, but I got wonderful support from my familyteachers, and friends. I hope my cheerful and positive character can help me overcome my condition.

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