First Admission

First Admission

2nd week of Jan, hubby notice her cheeks was showing some hardening during a routine check. I faster check on her, took some pictures and email the NC. The same night, she emailed back and asked us to come to the clinic on Monday and prepare for admission.

Told her that she will have to miss school. She’s kind of upset, but understand that she need to see doctor for her cheeks. She knows that she needs to be follow closely in order to get well.

I broke down that night, again.

Not because is life-threatening, but more of the uncertainty fear, the pain she has to go through as a child. How heart pain I am that she is forced to grow up faster, braving through all this nasty treatment.

The day of admission.

Saw the Dr, did some physical check and ultrasound.
Was told either
1. Fat necrosis is a condition that occurs when a person experiences an injury to an area of fatty tissue. This can result in the fat being replaced with the oily contents of fat cells. It can cause a person to have round, firm lumps of tissue on the body. The presence of fat necrosis does not necessarily require treatment.

2. Deep morphea, also known as localized scleroderma, is an uncommon fibrosing condition of the skin and underlying tissue.

We wouldn’t know which condition she is having unless we do a biopsy on her face. We and the Dr are not keen on doing that, as it will leave a permanent scare on her face. So we decided to go ahead with the plan of admitting her for methylprednisolone treatment for 3 days.

Setting up IV plug wasn’t easy, we tried to pin her down but halfway through, directly opposite our bed had a critical condition that the Dr have to attend immediately. I took this time to explain to her the reason behind and the importance of IV plug and how fortunate we are compare to some of the patients in the ward here.

When the Dr came back, Leann is all ready for the plug insertion, she cried a bit but there is no struggle and she did it bravely.

During this 3 days of admission she has been sleeping quite a lot, maybe due to decrease in activity.

Even though she feels irritable and emotional (side effect of the medication) ,causing her to have a lot of minor disagreement with the sister, she still looks forward to seeing them in the afternoon.

Really appreciate the ward staffs for letting her siblings to accompany her during this period of time, buying food for me and lastly hubby for handing Leroy while I stay overnight with Leann. It makes both of our stay much more bearable.

The Mum, Qiqi

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