Due to Leann’s condition and all the side effects that is causing her to feel unwell, I’m trying my best to keep a balanced diet, low carbs, boost immunity and anti-inflammatory meals for her. 

Is not easy to control a child to snack healthy especially the high dose medication causes her taste bud to have some changes. I hope this meal journey will help young patient with scleroderma. 

Bento: Potato & Kidney beans Salad

This is the first high fiber bento I packed for her when she started high dose of steroid. Because she ...
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Black Fungus Chickpeas Salad

As the side effects of the medication get stronger, we need to source for foods which can increase her immunity ...
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Anchovies Salad

Dried Anchovies (aka ikan billis) are high in calcium, it also provides a good on the go snacks for Leann ...
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