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Dried Anchovies Salad

This crunchy dried anchovies salad are high in calcium which is suitable for growing child. 
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Servings 1 people
Author The Mum, Qiqi


  • 3 tbsp dried anchovies
  • 3 tbsp corn
  • 2 tbsp kidney beans
  • 2 tsp oat bran
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp oil for frying
  • 1 tsp olive oil


  • Wash and dry clean the dried anchovies. Add oil into the pan and fry the anchovies till slightly golden brown. 
  • Boil the corn, if it's frozen or raw,
  • Mix all ingredients together. Sprinkle oat bran and chia seeds over the salad. 
  • Drizzle olive oil and a bit of Himalayan salt.